Autumn Hanson is the designer, founder, and mastermind behind VJ COUTURE. While babysitting her niece Victoria and pregnant with her now oldest son Jordan, Autumn filled a burning desire of wanting to sew. Her sister April gifted her first sewing machine and soon after VJ COUTURE was launched.

 As a married work from home mom of 4, the self-taught designer hustles every day to increase brand awareness and impact women all over the world. Her workload consists of but isn't limited to, sourcing fabrics, patternmaking, and all garment construction. 

Autumn's focus with VJ COUTURE is to make custom garments to fit all body shapes and sizes. She gets much fulfillment from seeing women transform once wearing her pieces.

VJ COUTURE has gotten raved reviews for making her customers feel beautiful, confident, and special on their big day whether that be a birthday, prom, graduation, babyshower, or wedding!

We look forward to working with you to make your custom garment creation come to life!